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Triffids 4 in 1 Chain

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Description courtesy of Jason Ronquillo aka @Studio Castile:

Invented in May of 2016, Triffids has gained a reputation for being extremely difficult to learn. Its probably one of the hardest weaves out there. Triffids is an unusual mobius weave. It’s tricky to start, has handedness, and is structurally complex. It’s tendency for rings to shift out of place as you weave is maddening. Triffids extends from its top and bottom faces as a chain of stacked interwoven mobius balls. It has two distinct sections that alternate, a set of more upright rings, and a set of rings that lay lower and more ball-like. This second set of rings is the part of the weave that locks. Triffids requires an AR of 4.1 to 4.2 to remain flexible and stable. Below 4 and above 4.3 the weave is impossible.
Maillesplosion Available
  1. Yes

Ring Information

Minimum AR(s)
Commonly Used AR(s)
4.1; 4.2
Maximum AR(s)
Single Ring Size
  1. Yes

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  1. Mobius
Weave Type
  1. Variant
  2. Chain

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Jason Ronquillo (@studio castile)
Tome of Weaves

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