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Biollante Alternating

General Information

Weave Description
Varga is a transformation of Biollante where each mobius in the chain alternates direction. It can also be seen as a progression of Krynoid (the alternating version of Triffids). Varga, like Krynoid, is much more forgiving when assembling as the alternating mobius allow for more stability. As in all Triffid related weaves, Varga is reflective and can be made in left or right handed versions.

AR Note: The AR of 6.5 is an estimate and the commonly used AR should be lower, possibly as low as 6.2. The entry will be updated once more definitive information is available.

Ring Information

Commonly Used AR(s)
Single Ring Size
  1. Yes

Weave Classifications

Weave Class
  1. Transformation
Transformation types
  1. Grain
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Described by & Date
Jason Ronquillo (@studio castile) - March 2022

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