Aspect Ratio Chart (Letter and A4)

Aspect Ratio Chart (Letter and A4) 2.0

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Since I decided to dust of my pliers and get back into maille, I wanted an easy way to figure aspect ratio. Now I know that to be perfectly accurate, you need to get out your calipers and measure the inside diameter of the ring and the wire thickness. Then take those numbers and plug them into the formula.

I went and did the math, assuming that things are often as they seem. So if you have the inside diameter and the wire thickness (or know the gauge and if it's SWG or AWG), you can look it up. For an explanation of what AR is, I suggest Phong's article - it's what I read when I first got started many years ago!

I hope you find these useful. I did these in the two most common (to my knowlege) paper sizes. I also did a legal size, but didn't PDF it. I will if there is a request.
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  1. Just needed to update some fractions, the maths were correct.

    It was pointed out to me that I had some awkward numbering in the fractions column - 20/64...

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So important to have a chart like this. Thanks for making this happen 🙏🏼
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