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Photo Tutorial Half Persian 4-1 Stretchy Bangle

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Our projects were very popular during the lifetime of our business and we wanted to ensure they continued to provide inspiration for chain maillers whatever their experience. It's a pleasure to see they will live on with
-Sarah Austin

Half Persian 4-1 Stretchy Bangle

This stretchy half Persian 4-1 bangle is ideal jewellery for men and women.

Half Persian 4-1 is an intermediate weave but do not be put off giving it a go as we have used large rings and you don't have to close the o-rings! These instructions also show you how to join Half Persian 4-1.



For an 18cm bangle, you will need:
  • 38 silver anodised aluminium saw cut jump rings, ID 8.3mm, WD 1.6mm
  • 38 red EPDM rubber o-rings, ID 7.9mm, WD 1.63mm
  • two pairs of smooth jawed chain nose or flat nose pliers


  1. Link one silver aluminium jump ring through four red o-rings and close. Lay out the rings as shown.

  2. Move ring no. 4 into position between ring no. 2 and ring no. 3. It is important to get the position of these rings correct.

  3. The rings have been renumbered. Place one o-ring (no. 4) behind the last o-ring in the weave (no. 3).

    Pass one open silver ring down through o-rings no. 1 and 2 and bring it back up through rings no. 4 and 3. Close the jump ring.

  4. Repeat step 3 until the bangle is the correct size for your wrist.

  5. The rings have been renumbered. Position the ends of your bangle as shown in the picture.

  6. Place ring no. 3 on top of ring no. 4.

  7. Weave one open silver ring down through o-rings no. 1 and 2 and up through o-rings no. 3 and 4. Close the jump ring.

  8. Weave one open silver ring down through o-rings no. 2 and 3 and up through o-rings no. 4 and 5. Close the jump ring.

  9. Weave one open silver ring down through o-rings no. 3 and 4 and up through o-rings no. 5 and 6. Close the jump ring. Your bangle is now complete.


  • Use different coloured o-rings and matching anodised aluminium jump rings for blocks of colours.
  • Use only metal jump rings and make a chain, using a clasp to fasten. Jump rings sizes for half Persian 4-1 are:

    • ID 8.3mm, WD 1.63mm for a chunky chain
    • ID 6.7mm, WD 1.29mm for a medium chain
    • ID 5mm, WD 0.81mm for a finer chain

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