photo tutorial

  1. ChainWeaverS

    Photo Tutorial Romanov weave 2015-07-25

    Romanov is another Byzantine variation - try it with a gemstone bead between the segments! Bracelet kits can be found HERE
  2. ChainWeaverS

    Photo Tutorial Box (flat) 2015-07-25

    Another basic chainmaille weave that's many times overlooked because of its simplicity. It makes the most sinuous, slinky chain you can imagine and is just a step away from the Byzantine weave. Our version is a 'flat' box chain, which is more dense, lies closer to the wrist and doesn't tend to...
  3. ChainWeaverS

    Photo Tutorial Barrel weave bracelet 2015-07-25

    Barrel Weave, also known as Double Vision, is another of those chainmaille weaves that looks harder than it really is... instructions include jumpring sizes for three different gauge combinations. Kits can be found HERE Ring sizes for other popular weaves can be found @ Ring gauges/sizes for...
  4. Blue Buddha

    Photo Tutorial Shaggy Loops 1.0

    Shaggy Loops by Rebeca Mojica Shaggy Loops is a great weave if you're new to chainmaille. Fun and flexible, this weave works in almost any ring size (visit the Weave Ideas section of our blog for ideas), but we love the look and size with L16 jump rings (available below!). Once you've...
  5. Blue Buddha

    Photo Tutorial Sirith 1.0

    Sirith (Flowing) (Beginner) by Lindsay Lamkin Know how to make European 4-1, but think it is too simple or plain looking? Sirith (Flowing) is a project created by Lindsay Lamkin that builds on the basic weave and takes it to a whole new level! You can create an irresistibly slinky bracelet in...
  6. D

    Photo Tutorial Ocean Waves 2015-07-01

    Ocean Waves is related to Maybe with modified mobius and helm(ish) nods. Two ring sizes are needed to make this weave. ARs of approximately 5.9 & 3.3 work well for the 3 connector version.
  7. J

    European 4 in 1 Seams: 15, 30, 45, and 60 Degree

    There has always been a lot of confusion in the chainmaille community regarding the angle of degree in European 4 in 1 seams. This year (2015), I set out to study the possible angles and the actual measured degrees of those angles. What I found may be somewhat surprising to most chainmaillers...
  8. MysteriousMetals

    Photo Tutorial Byzantine with large connectors 2014-10-22

    This is a tutorial, my first, for a basic byzantine necklace. I hope you find it helpful. Critiques are greatly appreciated.