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I wanted to contribute my tutorials to to help ensure that the entire chainmaille community has access to them. The tutorials are presented here with the same images and text from my old site CGMaille. I hope they continue to help inspire you to learn and create many amazing pieces!

Weave Background
Jens Pind Linkage (JPL) is a tight spiral weave that does not unwind. Its construction is just like that for a normal spiral weave; the small aspect ratio is what gives it its unique properties. Jens Pind can also be (theoretically) joined into a continuous chain.

Aspect Ratio & Ring Sizes
Jens Pind takes rings on the small AR end, with 2.8 - 3.0 being preferred. Jens Pind can be made with slightly larger ARs, but the chain may turn out too loose and the spiral will unwind. These rings have an approximate AR of 3.4. 20awg 3/32", 18swg 1/8" and 16swg 3/16" should be adequate for Jens Pind.

Metric sizes - approximately 0.8mm wire/2.4mm ID; 1.2mm wire/3.2mm ID; and 1.6mm wire/4.8mm ID.

Tutorial Color Scheme
Old rings are steel and new rings are bronze.

Step 1: Add an open ring to a closed ring. Close the second ring, and angle it so the left ring is coming out above the right ring.


Step 2: Pass a ring through the two closed rings, and lay it such that it starts to make the spiral pattern.


Step 3: Pass an open ring through the last two rings, making sure it goes under and not through the left-most ring. This is the start of the repeating pattern.


Step 4: Add a ring to the last two rings, putting it over the second ring in the chain. Again, make sure the new ring only goes through two rings.


Step 5: Add a ring to the last two rings, with it going behind the third ring in the chain (the ring you added in Step 2).


Step 6: Add another ring to the last two rings in the chain. It should go under the ring from Step 3.


Step 7: Add a ring to the last two rings, putting it above the ring from Step 4.


Step 8: Add a ring to the last two rings, putting it behind the ring from Step 5.


Step 9: Repeat Steps 6 - 8 until the chain is the desired length.

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