Joining Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 6 with 3/4 Persian

CGI Tutorial Joining Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 6 with 3/4 Persian

Author's Note
I wanted to contribute my tutorials to to help ensure that the entire chainmaille community has access to them. The tutorials are presented here with the same images and text from my old site CGMaille. I hope they continue to help inspire you to learn and create many amazing pieces!

Weave Background
Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 6 can be made with reversed orientations, but how do you join them into one piece? There are several ways to do so; this tutorial shows how to join it using 3/4 Persian. The patch will look like Full Persian on one side, but the other side will not be connected (hence 3/4 Persian). You can also use Interwoven 4-1, Elfweave, and Double Gridlock.

Aspect Ratio & Ring Sizes
Half Persian 3-1 sheet 6 needs AR's of 5.0 and up, such as 20awg 3/16", 18swg 1/4" and 16swg 5/16".

Metric sizes - approximately 0.8mm wire/4.8mm ID; 1.2mm wire/6.4mm ID; and 1.6mm wire/8mm ID.

Tutorial Color Scheme
New rings are gold and old rings are silver.

Step 1: Make two patches of HP3-1 Sheet 6 with opposite orientations and lay them out as shown.


Step 2: Pass an open ring through the eyes formed by the two end rings on either side.


Step 3: Pass an open ring through the eyes formed by the 2nd and 3rd rings on either side, and around the eyes from the last step. This should be recognizable as Full Persian. Make sure you go above the ring from the last step.


Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for the next set of rings, making another Full Persian-style connection.


Step 5: Repeat Step 3 (or 4 if you'd rather) all the way down to the end of the patch. The last ring will just go around the eyes, and will not go through any eyes.

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