Reversing Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 6

CGI Tutorial Reversing Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 6

Author's Note
I wanted to contribute my tutorials to to help ensure that the entire chainmaille community has access to them. The tutorials are presented here with the same images and text from my old site CGMaille. I hope they continue to help inspire you to learn and create many amazing pieces!

Weave Background
Some very interesting effects can be achieved using Half Persian sheet weaves with alternating 'lean.' However, constructing a Half Persian sheet backwards to what you're used to can be challenging to the point of frustration.

Aspect Ratio & Ring Sizes
Half Persian 3-1 sheet 6 needs AR's larger than those for regular Half Persian 3-1 and Half Persian 3-1 sheet 5. Rings with an AR of 5.0 and up, such as 20awg 3/16", 18swg 1/4" and 16swg 5/16", should work.

Metric sizes - approximately 0.8mm wire/4.8mm ID; 1.2mm wire/6.4mm ID; and 1.6mm wire/8mm ID.

Tutorial Color Scheme
New rings are gold and old rings are aluminum-ish.

Step 1: Make a patch of HP3-1 Sheet 6.


Step 2: Turn the patch over.


Step 3: See the bottom row highlighted in bronze? Take those rings off.


Step 4: And add them to the top of the patch.


That's all there is to it. You now have a patch of HP3-1 sheet 6 that has the reverse orientation to the original. If you want to save yourself some work, you don't need to add the bottom row of rings when you make the initial patch. You'll still need to add rings to the top though, to make it line up correctly.
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