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Starting and finishing inverted round and turkish round

This is Matthew Woodbury's method that works for starting and finishing inverted round and Turkish round for adding a clasp (as far as I can find, you can't buy his original tutorial, Queen Lucy's Lace, that includes this approach any more, so I am sharing the technique in my own words) start:

Close two rings 1 ID smaller than your weave rings, close a third ring about 1/2 the ID of the other 2 and put it between the two other rings OoO. ( ex: 2 4mm rings, and 1 2.5 mm rings for a weave that will use 5mm rings)
Run a weave size ring through the closed rings - this is the clasp end, so you could close the 3 rings directly through the eye of the clasp instead, but I've not tried that.

Add a weave ring through all three rings, now add one ring to each of the two rings to form the triangle /_\
then begin your weave.

as you begin to reach your desired length just reverse the procedure to get the matching taper
(The small ring adds support and can act as an anchor point if you choose to run a line through the beads.)
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I like the description, and if there were photos that accompanied those steps- I would give it an excellent...Some people learn with pictures more than words--But thank you Ginger for this information
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