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Photo Tutorial Stretchy Kingscale Cuff

Author's Note
Our projects were very popular during the lifetime of our business and we wanted to ensure they continued to provide inspiration for chain maillers whatever their experience. It's a pleasure to see they will live on with
-Sarah Austin

Stretchy Kingscale Cuff

This easy & quick-to-make stretchy cuff can be made in a whole host of colours - try ice cream colours for summer or more neutral black and white.


For a 17.5cm cuff, you will need:

Purple & Ice Blue
  • 48 purple EPDM o-rings, ID 5mm, WD 1.2mm
  • 24 large purple anodised aluminium saw cut jump rings, ID 10.2mm, WD 1.6mm
  • 24 small ice blue anodised aluminium saw cut jump rings, ID 6.8mm, WD 1.6mm
Ice Cream & Silver
  • 16 yellow EPDM o-rings, id 5mm, 1.2mm
  • 16 pink EPDM o-rings, id 5mm, 1.2mm
  • 16 orange EPDM o-rings, id 5mm, 1.2mm
  • 24 large silver anodised aluminium saw cut jump rings, ID 10.2mm, WD 1.6mm
  • 24 small silver anodised aluminium saw cut jump rings, ID 6.8mm, WD 1.6mm
  • two pairs of smooth jawed chain nose, flat nose, or bent nose pliers


  1. Using one large silver ring, link two orange and two yellow o-rings. Repeat with one small silver ring, linking the same o-rings. Position the small silver ring inside the large silver ring and move the orange o-rings to twelve o'clock and the yellow o-rings to 6 o'clock.

  2. Weave one open large silver ring through one yellow o-ring (1st picture).

    Add two pink o-rings to the large ring as shown (2nd picture).

    Weave the large ring through the second yellow o-ring and close (3rd picture).

    Link one small silver ring through the same o-rings and position inside the large silver ring (4th picture).

  3. Place the last two silver rings just added on top of the previous pair of silver rings (1st picture).

    Move the yellow o-rings so that one o-ring is at 9 o'clock and the other o-ring is at 3 o'clock (2nd picture).

    Push the topmost large and small silver rings downwards (3rd picture).

  4. Repeat step 2, this time adding orange o-rings (1st picture).

    Repeat step 3 to position the newly added rings.

  5. Repeat steps 2-3 in the same colour order of orange-pink-yellow, until your cuff is the required length, finishing with step 3.

    TIP: Before adding the next silver rings, make sure your weave is the right side up, ie with the last silver rings added on top of the previous silver rings.

  6. Bring the two ends of the chain to meet each other. The next ring added is shown in red for clarity. Referring to the picture, weave one large silver ring through the two pairs of o-rings at each end of the cuff, taking care to weave above or below the previous silver rings in keeping with the weave.

  7. The next ring added is shown in black for clarity. Weave one small silver ring following the same pathway as the large silver ring added in step 6.


  • Use a black large jump ring and o-rings with a silver, gold or matt silver (white) small jump ring.
  • Make a rainbow cuff, matching the o-rings with the large and small jump rings as you weave.
  • Try different colour combinations such as ice blue jump rings with brown o-rings; matt silver jump rings with pink o-rings or ice green jump rings with purple o-rings.

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