Viper Basket

Video Tutorial Viper Basket

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To create this weave we suggest the following:
  • 14AWG(1.6mm) x (10.00mm)ID & 14AWG(1.6mm) x 1/4"(6.35mm)ID OR
  • 16AWG(1.2mm) x (7.50mm)ID & 16AWG(1.2mm) x 3/16"(4.76mmID) OR
  • 18AWG(1.0mm) x (6.00mm)ID & 18AWG(1.0mm) x 5/32"(3.97mm)ID OR
  • 20AWG(0.8mm) x (5.00mm)ID & 20AWG(0.8mm) x 1/8"(3.18mm)ID
  • 2 pairs of smooth jawed pliers (Xuron chisel and short nose pliers are used in the tutorial)
  • Jump Ring Trays
This tutorial is aimed at Beginner Maillers.

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Viper Basket original submission on M.A.I.L (Maille Artisans International League) website credited to Loke.
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