fire wyrm


    What's the Difference? The Wyrms (Fire, Ice, Wind, & Earth)

    What's the Difference? The answer to the question of "What level of change to weave structure constitutes a new weave as opposed to a variant?" will vary depending on who you ask. However, it is indisputable that even minor changes in weave structure give you a weave that, while it may be...
  2. Fire Wyrm - Sequential

    Chain Fire Wyrm - Sequential

  3. Fire Wyrm - Exploded

    Fire Wyrm - Exploded

  4. Fire Wyrm - Assembled

    Fire Wyrm - Assembled

  5. Aussie Maille

    Video Tutorial Fire Wyrm

    Author's Note We wanted to document many of the available weaves in video format to help not only inspire our customers, but to keep an archive of resources for all maillers. Being an Australian business we wanted to help our customers with metric sizes where we can but we have found that using...
  6. Fire Wyrm

    Fire Wyrm

  7. Melody

    Photo Tutorial Full Wyrm Tutorial 2021-03-13

    Full Wyrm Tutorial This is a tutorial for Full Wyrm. It is a hybrid of Full Persian 6 in 1 and Fire Wyrm. It is recommend that you should know Full Persian 6 in 1 as it’ll make things very easy. This weave can be made in two different ring combinations. It is fairly AR sensitive for the caged...
  8. Fire Wyrm

    Chain Fire Wyrm