Barbed Helm Tutorial


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A MrDeranged MrDeranged Quickie - It's assumed that you know some common mailler terminology.

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Barbed Helm

Ring Sizes Used

  • BA 16 swg 5/16" - Silver
  • AA 18 swg 1/4" - Red & Blue
  • AA 18 swg 5/32" - Black


  1. Make 2 2 ring chains with the Red rings

    Note: Pay attention to the alignment! You want additional 2 ring chains to replicate this alignment. (especially important when picking them up).

    01-2 ring.jpg

  2. Through their eyes, scoop up the "chains" made in step 1 with a Silver ring. Close the Silver ring.

    Note: Closing the Silver ring immediately is ONLY done the first time you complete this step.


    Note: Once again, pay attention to the alignment of the Red rings. Should be up/down up/down.

  3. Take a Blue ring, go around the eyes of the Red chains. Close the Blue ring

    Flip the whole thing over and repeat with another Blue ring on the other side of the Silver ring

    Note: The Blue rings do NOT go through the Silver ring


  4. Squeeze a Black ring between the blue rings and in the eye of the Red chains. This takes a little finagling. When correct, the black ring should rest comfortably against the silver ring.


  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 until you reach the desired length. This time the Silver ring also goes through the eyes of the previous Red rings.

    Note: Silver rings ONLY go through Red rings.


  6. Finish with a final Silver ring that is closed immediately.

Hope that helps :D