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Ghenghiz Cohen Kinged v1.0

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Ugly submitted a new resource:

Ghenghiz Cohen Kinged - Free tutorial for the Ghenghiz Cohen Kinged weave

Weave & tutorial info:
Weave by Loke (Vesa Ahonen)
Tutorial by Metal is for Everyone (Ugly), with permission from Loke.

Ring sizes (all from TRL):
Large rings: 16swg 7/16” (in this case, saw-cut stainless steel)
Small rings: 18swg 7/32” (in this case, saw-cut bronze)
Note : I tried 16swg 7/32” small rings, and they didn’t work after about 3 or 4 center joins, because the wire diameter is just slightly too big. If you used 16swg 1/2” large rings...

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