RPI - Rings per Inch (yes, US here, lol)


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Has anyone ever started a rings per inch chart or is it just me? I'm new to mail (started in December 2020) and I am finding that between my OCD and age it has led me to writing things down. Since I am new to mail and wanting to sell my items, but not wanting to have a large amount of projects and inventory sitting around, I've been making sample weaves to show clients and then writing down how many rings at what gauge and size it will take for a simple project. Example: since I ride a motorcycle most of my clients thus far have been buying wallet chains which I make at 18" and I have been using 16g @ 5/16 or 1/4 depending on the weave and affect they desire. Since I don't have the resources just starting out and they want something in a color I don't have in stock, I can give them an estimate of the cost by referring to my handy dandy RPI chart... yea... live in my head for a day... LOL


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I always start to keep track, but then I get sucked into my work and forget to write anything down. I know that TRL has a bunch of graphics that show weaves and RPI for different ring sizes for them. If you or anyone else have any RPI data, please feel free to post it. Once we have some data, a resource page can be created that everyone will be able to access and can be constantly updated with new data. We can use this thread for data collection and further input.


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Awesome!! Please check this to insure accuracy!
Here is what I have so far (with the weaves I'm asked to make most often. (Wallet chains, get back whips, key chains, chunky items)

Euro 4/1
16g 1/4 = 9

Spiral 2/2
16g 5/16 = 14 (actually 1.25 inch)
18g 1/4 = 14 (actual 1 inch)

16g 1/4 = 20

Full Persian
16g 5/16 = 16
18g 1/4 = 20

Half (3/1)
16g 5/16 = 6 (little less than an inch)

Inverted round
16g 1/4 = 15