P.O.T.M. Saw Cut or Machine Cut?

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What "cut" do you prefer for your rings?

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I like saw cut for most applications. BUT machine cut has uses, wallet chains and things like that machine cut is great for.


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I mainly make jewelry, and I only use saw cut. If I decide to make anything larger like armor, I might use machine cut so I wouldn't need to spend so much time on my closures.

Edie Ramstad

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I prefer saw cut. I like the way they close but I have seen some great armor made with some good machine cut rings too. I think it is a matter of preference and it is great that there are options for everyone.

Edie Ramstad

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I spoke to a girl today who makes chainmaille for horses. She said she can't use the machine cut as they get caught in the horse's mane and tail and then she has a really problem.