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So since my youngest is starting on baby food, I had an idea to use the jars for packaging finished pieces. What unique ways do you package your finished pieces?

Sharyn Hamilton

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I have those too. Just wanted to think of something different that would really stick with the customer, ya know.

I think it's a clever idea and I love the idea of reusing things, but it would depend on whether you're shipping or not. Seeing how the post office treats my packages, I'd worry about breakage -- glass chips or shards would be a bad first impression when a customer opens their package. Glass is also heavy, so you'd potentially pay more in shipping, packaging, etc.

If you do shows, I'd definitely offer it as an option. It would be a great way to package pieces for new parents -- like bracelets that would have a charm/tag with the baby's name, date of birth, etc. As a customer, I'd prefer something that I could stash with the rest of my jewelry, so lower profile packaging -- a small, flat jewelry box or an organza bag -- would be better for me. As long as you can offer that as an alternative, why not give it a shot? Ooh, and you could print some really cute jar labels.


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I like to package them in themed boxes if they are holiday gifts. I just found the cutest small coffin boxes that are perfect for Halloween jewelry gifts.


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I am just boring I guess! I tend to just use plastic zippy bags. They protect and are easy to ship, all in one ;)