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Stretchy Box Weave Bangle


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Stretchy Box Weave Bangle - This stretchy box weave bangle is ideal jewellery for men and women.

Stretchy Box Weave Bangle​

This stretchy box weave bangle is ideal jewellery for men and women and can be made in a wide variety of colourways.
Box weave is an easy weave closely related to the Byzantine weave. These instructions show you how to speed weave and join box chain.​

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For a 16cm bangle, you will need:
  • 72 silver anodised aluminium saw cut jump rings, ID 6.8mm, WD 1.6mm
  • 72 purple EPDM...

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Can someone help me out on converting the information about the rings for all of the Beadsisters tutorials, I would really love to try this stretchy box. I will have to learn how to put it together different that what I originally learned out to do box.


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Looks like around AR 4.3 for the metal rings and AR 4 for the rubber rings. 1.6mm WD is 16swg.

Stretchy box is one of the easier weaves to do.
  1. Attach 2 rubber rings to two metal rings
  2. Close the metal rings
  3. With the metal rings to the left of the rubber rings, fold the rubber rings back
  4. Grab an open metal ring that has 2 rubber rings attached
  5. Connect that metal ring between the first two metal rings to the part of the first rubber rings that are still inside of the first metal rings
  6. Add another metal ring to the 4 rubber rings you just connected.
  7. Fold the new rubber rings back like you did the first two.
  8. Rinse and repeat.
Hope that helps


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Thank you so much, I already started this which was strange to work it this way, but I am now to the point where I need to figure out how to join it.
I'm excited, BA and red and green EPDM rings all 18g 3/16. Post a picture when I get it zipped up