Answered Submission and image licencing for new weaves


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I have two weaves in the submission queue on MAIL that never got around to be accepted. They are, IMHO of weave status.

Due to scraping and such, I refrained from publishing these elsewhere as I did not want to support any unethical business or individual.

however, I am realizing that MAIL won't be up for a while - and want to get these out under my name before someone reproduces my work and calls it their own.

How do I submit weaves here, and what are the crediting and licencing rules?

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Right now there is no concrete "process" for submissions. Best way is to start a conversation with me regarding the weave you would like to report for possible documentation in the Maillepedia.

The only credit we give is by way of putting your name in the "Described by" field in the Maillepedia entry.

While any content you post is owned by you, weaves are NOT considered "ownable" and are put in the Maillepedia for dissemination to fellow maillers.

As for licensing, there's currently no official licensing agreement (and honestly no way for us to enforce one if there was). We are open to suggestions though.
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