Chain 2 in 1 Chain - Persian Form (Nested)

2 in 1 Chain - Persian Form (Nested) chain page
4 in 2 Scaled, Half Persian 2 in 1 (Nested)

General Information

Weave Description
While 2 in 1 - Persian form is a 2 in 1 Chain, when nested, at the proper AR, the persian form stabilizes due to the rings being locked in place.

Naming Note: Due to the 2 lean grains, this weave was originally listed as Half Persian 2 in 1. As it is not a "true" half persian chain, it has been renamed to reflect this.
Maillesplosion Available
  1. Yes

Ring Information

Commonly Used AR(s)
2.4, 4.5

Weave Classifications

Cell Types
  1. Root Cell
Weave Class
  1. Variant
Variant types
  1. Nested
Base Weaves
2 in 1 Chain - Persian Form

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Vesa Ahonen

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