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General Information

Weave Description
The beginning of chainmaille. One ring connected to one ring, connected to one ring, connected to one ring, etc. Every weave currently known in the Art of Chainmaille can be traced to 2 in 1 chain (or the parts that make it).

The featured image shows, from top to bottom, four different forms that 2 in 1 chain can assume:
  1. Japanese
  2. Spiral
  3. European
  4. Persian
Structural Note: None of these appearances are stable without additional stabilization

Individual close-ups of each layout can be found in the Gallery Tab.

Ring Information

Minimum AR(s)
Commonly Used AR(s)
Single Ring Size
  1. Yes

Weave Classifications

Cell Types
  1. Root Cell
Weave Class
  1. Root
Weave Grains
  1. Adjacent

Other Classifications

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