1. Phobos

    Chain Phobos

  2. Persiantine

    Chain Persiantine

  3. Gnosis

    Chain Gnosis

  4. Wind Wyrm

    Chain Wind Wyrm

  5. Wetehinen

    Chain Wetehinen

  6. Wellamo

    Chain Wellamo

  7. Viperscale

    Band Viperscale

  8. Syringa

    Chain Syringa

  9. Sweetpea

    Chain Sweetpea

  10. 2 in 1 Chain

    Chain 2 in 1 Chain

    The beginning of chainmaille. One ring connected to one ring, connected to one ring, connected to one ring, etc. The featured image shows, from top to bottom, the four different layouts that you can do with 2 in 1 chain: Japanese Spiral European Persian Individual close-ups of each layout...
  11. Slow Worm

    Chain Slow Worm

    Half Persian 3 in 1 with the shortest possible individual berus connections (1 in 1) around each pair of eyes, on the underside of the weave.
  12. Sense of Humor

    Chain Sense of Humor

  13. Scary

    Chain Scary

  14. Sandstone

    Chain Sandstone

  15. Persian Dragonscale

    Band Persian Dragonscale

  16. One Hour Less Sleep

    Chain One Hour Less Sleep

  17. One and a Half Half Persian 4 in 1

    Chain One and a Half Half Persian 4 in 1

  18. Once Again

    Chain Once Again

  19. Not Again

    Chain Not Again

  20. Niflheimr Chain

    Chain Niflheimr Chain