Adding Half Persian 3-1 Trim to European 4-1 (row)

CGI Tutorial Adding Half Persian 3-1 Trim to European 4-1 (row)

Author's Note
I wanted to contribute my tutorials to to help ensure that the entire chainmaille community has access to them. The tutorials are presented here with the same images and text from my old site CGMaille. I hope they continue to help inspire you to learn and create many amazing pieces!

Weave Background
Half Persian 3-1 can make a great trim to finish off European 4-1. This tutorial covers 3 ways to add Half Persian 3-1 to European 4-1.
Method I is to make a Half Persian 3-1 chain and European 4-1 patch and attach them. This is the most straightforward way to do it, but can be tricky at low ARs.
Method II is to construct the Half Persian 3-1 chain directly to the European 4-1, just like you do when making Half Persian 3-1 sheet 5. This is slightly harder, but good if you're short on space.
Method III is to add a single row of rings that change the last row of European 4-1 into Half Persian 3-1. This is good if you want to add Half Persian trim to welded maille, for instance.
Methods II and III can also be used to start a Half Persian 3-1 chain, if you like. For those two methods, you'll add the Half Persian to the bottom of the European 4-1.

You can also add Half Persian 3-1 to the other side of European 4-1.

Aspect Ratio & Ring Sizes
In order to make sure everything fits, I recommend rings with an AR of at least 4. If you don't want the European 4-1 bunch up when you add the Half Persian 3-1, you can use a larger AR for the Half Persian 3-1 rings. If you use two different ring sizes, the European 4-1 rings could have a smaller AR than 4, but try a small patch to make sure the Half Persian 3-1 rings can still fit.

Tutorial Color Scheme
For this tutorial, silver rings are European 4-1 rings. Gold rings are Half Persian 3-1 rings. Bronze rings are being added in the current step.

Step 1:
Make a HP3-1 chain equal to the desired final length. Make a patch of E4-1 with the same number of edge rings as the HP3-1 chain. When the E4-1 is at full stretch it should be longer than the HP3-1 chain. This is ok - the E4-1 will shrink to match the length of the HP3-1 chain.


Step 2: Add a ring through the two end rings on both the HP3-1 chain and the E4-1 patch. It's a normal E4-1 connection, nothing fancy.


Step 3: Repeat...


Step 4: All the way across to the end.


This time we'll be adding the HP3-1 to the bottom of the E4-1 patch. This is just to make it more similar to HP3-1 Sheet 5. Also note that the E4-1 patch is 4 rows instead of 3.
Step 1: Make your E4-1 patch. Again, this should be longer than the final desired length. Note that the last row in the patch is going the opposite way as Method I.


Step 2: Put 2 closed rings on a open ring, and attach the open ring to the bottom of the E4-1 patch. This is exactly the same as constructing HP3-1 sheet 5.


Step 3: Put a closed ring on an open ring, and attach it in sheet 5 fashion.


Step 4: Repeat all the way across.


Again, we'll be adding the HP3-1 to the bottom of the E4-1 patch. Also note that the E4-1 patch is 5 rows instead of 3 or 4.
Step 1: Start with the E4-1 patch. Note that the bottom link row will become the first HP row. You'll be adding the other row from right to left.


Step 2: Add a ring to the two end rings. In order for it to be a Persian connection, make sure you add the ring so it goes behind the second E4-1 ring.


Step 3: Add a ring to the next 3 E4-1 rings, making sure to go behind two of the E4-1 rings and above the ring added in the previous step.


Step 4: Continue all the way across.

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