Infinity Rose Fidget Toy & Bracelet Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial Infinity Rose Fidget Toy & Bracelet Video Tutorial

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I am delighted to announce that all of my previously paid tutorials are now available to the chainmailling community for free. I am so grateful for your support during my designing journey. Thank you! Thank you also to for providing an accessible and permanent home for them. Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel for more tutorials too. Happy Mailling! - Lisa Ellis

Infinity Rose Fidget Toy & Bracelet

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This tutorial will teach you how to make a fun fidget toy. I've come up with some new alternate sizes. Here are the specs. (This shorthand will make sense after you watch the video.) BA = bright aluminum, AA = anodized aluminum, epdm are rubber rings. Where I specifically mention Metal Designz, I do so because the toy was designed and tested using their rings, and they give the optimal result. Rings from other suppliers may require some modifications to the toy.

Standard size toy (with BA core): 18swg 1/4" BA or AA outer rings, 18swg 5/16" BA from Metal Designz core rings, 8 rows, 40 length.

Standard size toy (with rubber core): 18swg 1/4" AA outer rings, 16swg 5/16" epdm core rings, 7 rows, 40 length. This rubber core version is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are making this toy for a younger person :)

Mini size toy (so cute!): 20awg 5/32" AA outer rings, 18swg 3/16" epdm core rings, 7 rows, 40 length.

Macro size toy (the action is slow, but it does turn, and it looks amazing!): 16swg 11/32" BA outer rings, 16swg 7/16 BA from Metal Designz core rings, 9 rows, 47 length.

Keep in mind that you can play with the length of this toy to make it bracelet size.

Have fun!

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