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Reinforced version of Full Persian. Each corner of the Full Persian has one ring outside the reinforcing ring and one ring inside the reinforcing ring. Wind wyrm can be mirrored simply by rotating a completed chain 90 degrees. While the weave cells in the gallery look different, they are the same cell laterally mirrored. Rotating either one 90 degrees and then spinning it 180 degrees gives you the exact same cell.

Reinforcing Note: The number of reinforcing rings does not make any change to the structure of the weave other than needing an increased AR to fit the additional rings and retain flexibility.
Maillesplosion Available
  1. Yes

Ring Information

Minimum AR(s)
Commonly Used AR(s)
  • R1 - 7.6
  • R2 - 8.1
  • R3 - 8.9
Single Ring Size
  1. Yes

Weave Classifications

Variant types
  1. Reinforced
Base Weaves
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Other Classifications

Weave Families
  1. Persian
Weave Type
  1. Variant
  2. Chain

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Described by & Date
Dave Austin - 12-30-2015
Tome of Weaves

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