New Feature: Introducing - Maillesplosions

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This is a Maillesplosion:



What Maillesplosions are:

  • Paired images used to show you weaves in both an Assembled view and an Exploded view. (Think of them as IKEA diagrams of weaves. ;) )
  • Colorized to show individual structures and their interactions with each other.
  • Deconstructions of weaves in a way that you may (or may not) find familiar.
  • Visual aides to show you how some common structures are put together to make multiple different weaves.
  • An additional tool to see if you made the weave you think you made.

What Maillesplosions are not:

  • They are not tutorials (although some may find them helpful if stuck when following a tutorial).
  • They are not instructions. There are no directions on how to put the structures together to make the weave (although some may be able to figure it out from the image).
  • They are not the final word on deconstruction. Many weaves can be deconstructed in multiple ways (just as they can be assembled). Maillesplosions are simply the way has chosen to display their deconstruction.

Where can I find Maillesplosions:

There are currently 2 areas on that you can find maillesplosions.
  • In the Maillesplosions category of our Media Gallery.
  • In the Maillepedia. You can find maillesplosions, for weaves that have had them created, in the "Gallery" tab on the item page for that weave. You can filter for items in the Maillepedia with maillesplosions by clicking "filter" and checking the "Yes" box under "Maillesplosion Available" or by clicking this link.
We hope that you will find maillesplosions to be of great use now and in the future. If you would like to see a specific weave get the maillesplosion treatment, please feel free to request it in this thread.