Information: New Classifieds Section and the Return of Monthly Contests

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Lots of interesting things going on at

New Classifieds Section

I'd like to announce the opening of the new Classifieds Section on


Tons of functionality in the new software including (but not limited to):
  • Multiple ad types:
    • For Sale​
    • For Trade​
    • For Free​
    • Wanted​
    • Services​
    • Jobs​
  • Time limited ads
  • Marking items "On Sale"
  • Make an Offer (on ads that accept offers)
  • Transaction tracking
All for the low price of creating a free account. Please take a look at our tutorial "How to Use the Classifieds" (it's a work in progress, but the essentials are there. and our Classifieds Terms and Rules.

Monthly Contests

It's been a while, but our monthly contests are going to start up again on September 1st, 2020. Our first contest is going to be a chainmaille photo contest.

Please note: While all members will be able to vote, only active members and supporting members are eligible to enter. (consider this a heads up to start posting in forums that count. ;) )

There will be a prize associated with this contest (TBD).

Rules that apply to all of our contests can be found here.

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