P.O.T.M. Rubber Rings - Do you use them?

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Do you use Rubber Rings?

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How do you feel about them? Do you use them often? Do you feel they cheapen your creations?

Let us know in the comments.



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Personally, I love them. They cut my work in half on whatever I'm making as those are rings that I don't have to close myself. Four stretchy HP 3-1 bracelets are part of my daily "mailledrobe" ;)

From a business standpoint, I do feel they "cheapen" the jewelry a bit. The only time any of my maille has been mistaken for or compared to those damn loom bands are when I use rubber rings as a component. I've found that maille with rubber rings are also much more prone to be looked at as "kids jewelry" and people expect it to be priced accordingly.


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I started using them recently (got them as present) and still deciding what I want to use them in. Items are not yet for sale. This is something I am currently working on, and hope to be finished soon. I think if you make smart decision about color and weave it won't cheapen your work, just add to variety.


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I unfortunately have to say no. Though that is mostly due to the fact that I haven't had the spare funds to get some rubber rings though I plan on getting some soon.