Square wire rings


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Are square wired rings sized differently?
I bought some rings that I thought were the right size but they are tiny! What have I done wrong?


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Depends what you mean by sized differently and what your criteria was for them being the right size.

The ID of a ring should be the same regardless of if it's made of round or square wire. Where you run into problems is that AR doesn't work the same for square wire as it does for round. With round wire, the diameter of the wire should be the same no matter what angle so you have a consistent value for WD. With square wire, the diagonal is longer than the sides so the WD is not consistent for the purpose of calculating AR. This is why certain weaves made with 3/16" round may not work with 3/16" square (just as an example).

I believe that many vendors test which weaves are possible with their square wire rings and state which sizes work for which weaves (because the sizes used may vary from their round wire counterparts).