How To Tagging Users

Hey All,

Just wanted to let you all know that you can tag other users on the forum as well. Tagging is done by typing the "@" symbol before the users name. As you type the users name, a drop down list should appear showing you any users with those characters in their name.

So for example if I wanted to tag my personal account, I would type @MrDeranged.

Tagging serves the purpose of sending an alert to the tagged user that they were tagged. Pretty much the same thing you would use it on twitter, instagram, or facebook for ;)

Hope you find this functionality useful.
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Isn't the @ used more in Twitter and instagram than FB?! Either way should be interesting and make it easier to get individuals attention!


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I like this feature, it'll come in handy if someone posts problems or questions and I read them but don't know the answer and know someone who does. Like, right now. Someone could tag an English teacher so she/he can teach me about the evils of a run on sentence. Very handy!