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Help! I've been trying to create a tie clip or pin for my dad and I'm totally lost. I've search for tutorials and ideas online but keep getting chainmaille ties. Do you have any ideas that are for a newbie? I haven't bee mailing long and I'm not sure I can do some of the more complicated weaves. Thanks!!!


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I've seen some done for barrettes using an alligator clip. Maybe you could adapt one for your project?


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If I wore suits more than once in a blue moon I'd be interested in doing this. I mean it would make me look even more like a nerd...but I'm okay with this!


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A tie-clip would be more challenging than just a tie chain... but with a chain you could simply cut a blank from sheet metal, and file or polish, use it for the back side shaped like " __∩__ ", to fit over the shirt button, and drill holes in the ends of the blank to connect a chain. Or, you could feasably use a relatively heavy gauge of steel wire (16? 14?) to bend something into a similar shape. Then just weave a short length of chain between the two. Would make a great piece, really. Lots of variations possible.


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In another craft life, I braided leather, and had a request for a leather tie "keeper" (you can't call them chains). What I did was a loop, braided onto a ring that was just a bit bigger than the average shirt button. Button shirt, slip the ring over the button and, if a big enough button hold, push through the hole so it sat between the two sides of the shirt. The loop came out through the button hole and the tie was tucked through it. Looked really neat, and I'd bet doing it in maille would be a piece of cake.

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You can get tie tack findings and weave around them. http://www.firemountaingems.com/shop/tie-tac-findings
You can also make a tie chain style that has a "hanger" that goes over the button. There are findings for these, but it's easy to make your own. using hard wire, shape it like an ohm symbol Ω with longer "feet" with loops that the chain attaches to on each side.


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I really love this idea and now I want to make one for my husband. I really like the one with a single bead that was posted in the link.


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You might also want to look into using scales, as well. I bet you could work those into an awesome tie clip!