What's your favourite weave? Yes, you have to pick one.


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Okay I do fancy a whole lot of them, but if I'd have to pick one, I'd stick with the honey comb.
As in Japanese 12 in 2.

Here's one project of that I'm currently working on.
In case anyone wonders about the dimensions that's recycled copper wire 1.5mm, and inner diameters of rings are 3.5mm and 8mm and to confuse everything even further that's metric tool but I opened it one inch.

Show me your favorite weave!


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I love Byzantine, my absolute favorite. I've used it in earrings bracelets and necklaces for years.


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At this point in my short mailling journey my favourite weave is Kinged Vipera Berus. I learned it from the tutorial by Kathy Priday. Here is one in rainbowed titanium from Metal Designz I built for myself. Don't you love how you never see the poor closures until the photo is posted?


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My favorite weave to wear WAS vertebrae or JPL, until I started making hoodoo hex sheet with captures. Gonna be tough to knock this out of the #1 spot.



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Byzantine with square and round rings , I have also done one with the connectors being the round rings and the rest are square