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Wilbert is a tough weave to describe as there are multiple concepts present in the weave.

Essentially it is 2 double tethered mirrored chains of 2 in 1 - Persian Form. On one side, the tethers go through 6 of the 2 in 1 rings (3 from each chain) and on the other side the tethers go through 4 of the 2 in 1 rings (2 from each chain).

It can also be seen as Iguana Back with an additional row of tethers or two laterally interwoven European 4 in 1 bands where the rings in one central row of an European 4 in 1 band each make an inner join with 2 external rings from the second band.
Tutorial Available
  1. Yes

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4.8; 5.0
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  1. Yes

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KatieLynne Jackson
Tome of Weaves

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