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Photo Tutorial Mngwa v1.0

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Weave info:
Weave by Amy Leggett (The Metalmark; )
Free Tutorial by Metal is for Everyone (Andrew Buck) with permission from Amy Leggett
This tutorial is NOT to be sold, and is available for free.

Ring sizes (all from TRL):
Large rings: 18swg 9/32” (loose, shown here) or 18swg 1/4” (tighter, not shown)
Small rings: 18swg 3/16”

Please note I’m using the larger ring size above, mostly for clarity (bigger rings make for easier-to-see photos).

First, make a 4-in-2 chain (a kinged 2-in-1 chain) of large rings:

Now I’m going to show you something, but you don’t have to do this step ! This is just so you can see where we’re heading. We are going to twist our chain. This twisting is similar to what is used for kinged vipera berus (if you’ve done that weave). Essentially you just keep spinning in the same direction:

Again you don’t have to do this step. Now, using the power of tutorial magic, we change the color of some of the rings to make things easier to see:

In the above picture, you can see that the colorful rings are “below” the grey rings at each step. We are going to connect the colorful rings together, using small rings--in other words, we’re going for the lower ring in each stack of two. Let’s start by connecting the pink ring to the purple ring along the bottom, using a small ring (shown in black):

Next we need to connect along the top edge; this time we are connecting purple to yellow. Again, use a small ring:

To continue with this pattern, we’re next going to join the purple ring to the yellow ring along the bottom edge. This is the same purple ring that we already connected to a pink ring. Use another small ring:

Now we go back to the top row and connect the yellow ring to the blue one, using another small ring (note, again, this yellow ring is already connected to purple; now we’re connecting it to blue as well):

Now we just keep going with the same pattern:

And that’s Mngwa.

Note 1: This weave is named after a cryptozoologic (mythical?) creature from Tanzania’s coastal forests; the Swahili name “mngwa” (“strange one”) refers to a man-eating cat the size of a donkey. The creature is alternatively known as “nunda” (“fierce animal”).

Note 2: The black connector rings can also be passed through the eye between each set of colorful rings--instead of being in a line, as they are in the above picture, the black connectors will instead stick out to the sides. This slightly tightens the weave, and on my first attempt I made this variant by accident. I propose we name this variant Nunda, to honor the original
weave name. Here's a picture of it:

Note 3: This weave is still the brain-child of its original creator, Amy Leggett, and consequently I will remove this tutorial if she asks me to do so (such as if she starts selling a tutorial for it in the future). In the meantime, if you are reading this, please check out her website--the URL is listed above. She has a lot of other cool weaves, some of which I have never even seen before, after doing this for a decade!

Happy weaving!

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