1. Staggered Persian Wind

    Chain Staggered Persian Wind

  2. Staggered Persian Fire

    Chain Staggered Persian Fire

  3. Moon42 Reinforced

    Chain Moon42 Reinforced

  4. Moon Rhino

    Chain Moon Rhino

  5. Pragyan

    Chain Pragyan

  6. Moon Orbiter Alternating

    Chain Moon Orbiter Alternating

  7. Moon Orbiter

    Chain Moon Orbiter

  8. Rover Double

    Chain Rover Double

  9. Firenado Wyrm

    Chain Firenado Wyrm


    What's the Difference? The Wyrms (Fire, Ice, Wind, & Earth)

    What's the Difference? The answer to the question of "What level of change to weave structure constitutes a new weave as opposed to a variant?" will vary depending on who you ask. However, it is indisputable that even minor changes in weave structure give you a weave that, while it may be...
  11. Wind Wyrm - Sequential

    Chain Wind Wyrm - Sequential

  12. Fire Wyrm - Sequential

    Chain Fire Wyrm - Sequential

  13. Barrel of Monkeys

    Chain Barrel of Monkeys

  14. False Pind Linkage

    Chain False Pind Linkage

  15. Turkish Round Reinforced

    Chain Turkish Round Reinforced

  16. Chemical X

    Chain Chemical X

  17. Centurion Biased

    Band Centurion Biased

  18. Rhinos Charging

    Chain Rhinos Charging

  19. Keg of Maker's Mark

    Chain Keg of Maker's Mark

  20. Triton

    Chain Triton