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Welcome to the Second Contest

As you may have seen, has been very generous in listing multiple tutorials here on (and if you haven't seen them, shame on you for not viewing the site more ;) )

In another munificent gesture, they are also sponsoring this contest.

The prize...

A $100.00 Blue Buddha Boutique Gift card.

There are a few criteria you will need to meet before you can enter:
  1. You must reside on the planet known as Earth.
  2. 1 Entry per user.
  3. Creating fake accounts for the purpose of more entries will get you banned from this and any further contests.
  4. You must be an "active member" on
Once you have met the above 4 criteria you must do the following:
  1. Post a picture of your work that was either:
    • Made with rings from Blue Buddha Boutique
    • Made by following a tutorial from Blue Buddha Boutique.
  2. Tell us why you love Blue Buddha Boutique rings or tutorials.
Please note: Any entries that do not meet the contest specifications will be deleted. If your post is deleted, feel free to re-enter within the guidelines of the contest.

All entries must be posted by 11:59:59 PM EST on 8/16/15

Winner will be chosen at random from all entries received on Monday 8/17/15

Staff & their immediate family members of Blue Buddha Boutique & are not eligible.

Wishing you the best of luck,

Blue Buddha Boutique &

If you have any problems posting in this contest thread, please read this thread.

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This bracelet is from B3's Coiled Butterfly tutorial and also using B3's wonderful AA.

I ❤️ B3's tutorials because they are easy to follow and have wonderful instructions. The tutorials are new patterns and inspire maillers to try to invent new weaves and variations on old weaves.

I love their rings, especially their AA. The quality and colours are one of the best, and are so beautiful that I get compliments all the time.



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I absolutely love Blue Buddha Boutique's rings, their service, and the variety of tutorials they offer! Primarily I find I love all of the colors of rings I can get through them. I'm particularly in love with their rubber rings right now and can't wait for more colors!

I'm sharing a necklace that I made as part of a three-piece set for a friend's theater production and Kickstarter campaign to produce a showing of Terry Pratchett's 'The Wyrd Sisters'. This was representing Magrat Garlick and was worn by the actress who portrayed her. It was one of my favorite pieces to make for the show! All rings came from Blue Buddha Boutique (triple moon charm came from Etsy).


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Tapered Mobius by Blue Buddha Boutique. This piece was commissioned for a dear friend of mine, She saw this kit and loved it and her boyfriend asked me to make it. Everytime I see her wear it I'm so glad I do business with Rebeca and her staff. They ALWAYS give the best customer service.

The Kits and Tutorials are the most thorough on the market. They have professional pictures, alternative ring suggestions in some cases, and step by step progressive photos to expertly guide you.

Their Tutorial section is divided into Introductory, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert sections. You can instantly know what kits are available in your or a students skill level.

Their top quality rings are color and cut consistent. There is something to be said about HIGH standards of Quality control. The rings are ALWAYS out of package ready for weaving.

B3 is a one stop shop, rings, tutorials, findings. You won't have to do orders to complete a piece, they have it all.

I've been shopping with them since 2006. The changes they have implemented to grow their business are fantastic, I can't wait to see what they offer next.



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I love B3 tutorials and rings. I have made many of their designs. Gaelic Rose is one of my favorites and I made a necklace by connecting the roses. I like Byzantine Medallion also.

I like the detail and photos in the tutorials. The jump rings come in colors I have not owned before. I received a shipment yesterday and all I can say is Wow! The colors are so bright, everything is labelled and sorted. Quick shipping also!


Jo Mayer

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I learned chain maille "back in the day" on B3 rings. In fact I taught Byzantine through the local bead shop with B3 rings. *MY* problem is trying to decide what colors to get so I often end up with their color mixes. But that's okay because when I make up a piece like the Celtic Star it reminds of Tie-dye, which makes me happy.

tie dye celtic star.png


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When I started working with chain maille I was totally clueless. I decided to start with dragonscale not realizing it was a harder weave to master. It's still my favorite weave of all times.

This particular bracelet I made for a coworkers grand daughter. Her favorite colors were gold, green and pink. There were many false starts while I tried to figure out how to make the colors pop.

This was made with Blue Buddha boutique AA rings and their dragonscale tutorial. I really love their rings the best, because of colors, price and quality. I've yet to find anyone who can match their work!!


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B3 rings in particular the anodised aluminium are excellent quality and the colours are always even. The tutorials are well written and easy to follow.

I always remember my first order from them I rang to order as I loved in the States but was using my UK debit card and it was Rebecca who answered the phone. Sounds silly but it was so cool to be talking to her on the phone. This was back in 2006 not long after I started making maille and I looked up to her designs and weaves.

My earrings were made with their mix of anodised aluminium which I love.


Sharyn Hamilton

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I love Blue Buddha Boutique so much, I'm not entirely convinced they don't have something mildly addictive on their rings -- you know, like chocolate essence, kitten kisses or unicorn saliva. I mean, I feel compelled to order from them at least twice once a month, and sometimes twice in one day (sorry about that -- thanks for combining my orders and refunding some shipping!) But, even if their rings aren't magically treated, there are still SO many reasons to love them:
1) Glorious rings -- clean, bright, durable, beautiful, ready-to-go out of the bag, with no burrs.
2) Wonderful tutorials -- they just make sense, and the pictures really help when I find myself doing something boneheaded.
3) Their Mailler's Choice program, which means I get a new weave to try once a month, and my husband has the perfect Christmas gift option for me (for which he is very grateful.)
4) Fantastic customer service -- I have never had a bad experience with B3. When I deleted a tutorial by mistake, I had the new one in my inbox before I hung up the phone. When they sent the wrong amount of rings (and this has only happened once, out of a lot of orders) they remedied it immediately. When I posted a picture of my first dragonscale bracelet on the Facebook Chain Maille page, my next B3 order had a note written at the top telling me how much they loved it. Wow!
5) They think my kitten, Widget, is adorable. (He is, but it's nice of them to say...)

The dragonscale bracelet I'm posting is made with B3 copper and AA, using their tutorial. It was my first try at dragonscale (and it's the one I reference above.) I've worn it at least 100 times, and it still looks gorgeous. I don't think the AA has faded at all.


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I love B3's selection and they have some of the best AA colors out there! The rings are super clean, the tutorials very clear to follow and customer service is phenomenal!

Dragon's Eye - tutorial from B3 and all rings from B3. Eye cab from nix creations.


Daniel H.

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B3 has a number of great tutorials and unique rings that can only be found at their site. I have so many different tutorials and kits I would like to purchase from them that any gift certificate would help out a lot. Their descriptions are detailed and just about anyone would be able to follow them with ease, even the more difficult weaves.


Tomeka Watkinson

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I made this with Blue Buddha Boutique's "Scaredy Bat" kit which included all the rings and the tutorial. It was fun and challenging, and one of my favorite items since I love bats (even have a bat tattoo). B3 has a great selection of rings and tutorials. I appreciate that you can get all levels of tutorials and even some free ones. The first tutorial I ever got was Shaggy Scales and I still make a lot of those earrings. It's now time to make some Nouveau earrings - my friendly bat and I will see you on the porch with a pile of B3's rings.



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I love the Blue Buddha Boutique tutorials! I have several and weaves that I wasn't able to do with other tutorials, I've managed with the ones from Blue Buddha.

I have heard good things about the rings en really like the kits, but cause I'm living in the Netherlands I haven't tried them (yet). This would be the perfect moment ;-)

So here the dragonscale which I wanted to try a long time but never managed. With the excellent B3 tutorial it was quite easy and it turned out great (if I may say so myself)
Here is a Dragon's Eye pendant I made using B3's amazing tutorial! The green rings in the pendant are also from B3. I love their tutorials because they are extremely well made and easy to follow, with wonderful pictures to follow along with. They also have a wonderful selection of colors available and their anodized aluminum rings are gorgeous!


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2015-02-12 15.03.01.jpg

The Celtic Vision Pendant was one of my first projects. I used B3 rings and their tutorial. I was so proud of the beautiful work of art I had created and I fell in love with chainmaille right then and there. The customer service is amazing at B3. The order ship super fast and always come with a nice note and sample rings. I love all the color choices the rings can come in, the colors stay well and chipping has never been an issue. I'm happy to see them always adding new and wonderful items, whether it be new tutorials, new kits or tools. I honestly can't say enough about B3 and the quality of all their products. I'm definitely a life long customer and one day I will make it to Chicago to see their store in person.


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I LOVE Blue Buddha's products, design and customer service. I wish they had a store in the Toronto area! One day I will drive to Chicago just to visit their store. I'm posting a picture of a summery version of the Starry Night Bracelet modeled by my orange tabby. My boys ONLY wear Blue Buddha Designs. I decided to include Jensen (my orange tabby, named after Jensen Ackles) in the photo since Blue Buddha often mentions and I love looking at those photos. Back to the bracelet... it is made with white and rose gold rings for a summery feel. I really love all the color combinations that are possible with the Starry Night Bracelet and can't stop thinking of the various combinations to make. This weave has been quite addictive. I love using Blue Buddha tutorials because they are so easy to follow and really well written.


Now my white cat Charlie is getting jealous so I'm going to include a photo of him modelling a Valentine's Persian bracelet kit from Blue Buddha. I really love their holiday kits and have purchased many ranging from St. Patrick's Day earrings to Christmas pendants.

charlie_valentine - small.jpg


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I am a B3 fan! I think I have nearly all the current tuts and have made many of the kits. My favorite bracelet right now is this JPL3 wrap bracelet I made with about 300-350 Denim Niobium rings and a killer strong magnetic clasp. If anyone is interested I can let you know where the clasp came from. I have ordered the berry blend so I can make another bracelet for my brighter color clothes:)



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I love Blue Buddha's tutorials because they give you a quick overview for experienced maillers and also give detailed steps for the novice mailler. As well as left and right hand instructions, I don't know of any other company that offers this.

I love love love the rich vibrant colors of their anodized aluminum rings. I love their quality control, so when you buy a certain number of rings you don't have to worry about duds. I love buy their seconds for the color variations to give my pieces a little extra pop.

I also love their hodgepodge bags! You never know what you will get or what new and exciting design you will come up with.

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