New Weave? - Cyclone


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Pretty sure that this is something "new" (or at least something that I don't remember seeing before. It started out as a modification of the connections in Sweetpea and can also be seen as one of the "unshaggy loops" weaves. Also of note is that the modification essentially turns sweetpea into what can be seen as a Four Winds cell.

Render was done with 18 SWG and an AR of 4.0.

The structural modification is that while in sweetpea, every 2nd pair of "shaggy" rings are interwoven with the preceding pair, making a single double connection, (see this animailletion for a visual of what is meant by that), in Cyclone (our tentative name for this weave) the "shaggy" rings make 2 single connections. The chain has a natural spiraling of the individual weave cells. Variants of Cyclone (no renders yet) with additional ring(s) between weave cells can lessen the spiral.

Has anyone seen this weave before/know of another name for it?