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I'm wondering what other kinds of craftiness you guys are into?

I'm also into macrame and at the moment am working on a bag. I also make jewelry and accessories from it.

Knot-ical chokers.jpg Tribal chokers.jpg Dog Leash 1.jpg

This is just a sampling of my work.

So, what else do you guys do when you put down the pliers?

Sue May

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Wow... I grew up in a Craft Store.... literally. My parents started the store when I was 9. Anyhoo... I have done almost all the crafts out there from wood burning, to stitchery, to flower arranging (yuck), to painting (water color/oils/ and acrylics). Right now I am doing a LOT of plastic canvas needlepoint for my husband. Weird.. I know. But it has been a fun project. We (my daughter and I) are making a map for my husband's miniatures gaming. So... approximately 500 3" hexes later, and my hands hurt. But it looks cool.


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I used to knit quite a bit. I loved making hats and scarves, but fell out of contact with my knitting circle and went looking for something new. I still pick up my needles every so often, though.

Bryan Szafranski

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I don't have any other crafty hobbies. My wife knits, and we both collect records & comic books, but that's the limit of the craftiness.


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I really don't have any other hobbies. Wait, does corralling 4 kids count? I've done beaded jewelry in the past, but all it seemed to do was sit in a box and collect dust.


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I would like to get into leather working and wood working. Currently, my non essential hobbies are maille and baseball, and I can live without the latter of the two. I am pretty sure out of the past calendar year, I have mailled more then I should have. No carpel tunnel issues, no vision issues with micromail. I used to be into video games (I mean, every waking moment) but that has kind of faded.


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Does home improvement count? I'm renovating a century old house so I can rent out the lower floor while I attend pharmacy school next year... so my latest project has been replacing the linoleum bathroom floor with ceramic tile (which I now want in my upstairs bathroom in place of my current tub surround!). I also do some light gardening... had a pepper garden lay summer so I could experiment with making salsa!


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I have done just about everything I can afford. I used to make journals/books.. I crochet and knit. My big loves is photography and CM.


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I've got a bad case of OCS (obsessive craft syndrome) aka OOh Shiny Disease. I see something, like it, learn it (and buy all required and unrequired tools), get really good at it, and then - ooh, shiny, what's that over there? I needle felt, crochet, knit, tie fancy knots and braid leather. My leather work can be seen at http://www.kangaroolead.com. I am a professional photographer - and earn my living taking win photos at dog shows.


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I started with crochet and needle point when I was a little girl but currently I'm really into chainmail, perler (melty beads) and repainting dolls faces.


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We also have a line of tshirts with my original cartoon stick figure artwork on it. The Bacon Inspector is the most popular, followed closely by Revenge of the Veggies.
cujo rev veg.jpg


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I play with RC stuff in my non-maille non-work hours... I do end up having to get crafty doing this as well. Custom FPV helmet. Cup holder included!

Rebeca Mojica

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I make fancy food sometimes:

But my main hobby is fitness. I'm a commuter cyclist (I don't own a car) and I lift weights. I finally can do pullups (woo-hoo!) and am now working on pistol squats. So, um, I guess you could say I'm crafting my body? ;)


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Well I currently mostly make jewellery of all types - maille being my first love but I also do kumihimo and wirework. I used to crochet quite a bit and when I was a kid I sewed all the time. Still kind of miss it but it used to be a cheaper option now it seems fabric and patterns are so expensive.

sian griffiths

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i make lots of other kinds of jewellery. mostly wirework, but some seed beading as well. oh, and i also makes cakes :) 20150505_184231.jpg


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Cheryl Sherry

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Where do I start: knit, crochet, sew, cross stitch, plastic canvas, macrame, jewelry making other than chainmaille, diy projects, gardening, camping, reading and probably a few that I forgot about.


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I read a lot. I also enjoy cooking and making bread from scratch.

I do a little Pearl knotting, kumihino, and wirework. I love photography and dream of having my own darkroom someday. There is no greater manic than seeing your print develop regardless of how many times you've seen it before.