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I discovered this site through it being the new home for the beadsisters tutorials.
Which leaves me with a big problem, UK supplier beadsisters is no longer trading after today and I have always had 98% of my supplies from them.

There seems to be no other UK supplier that I can find who do anywhere near the range of colours, sizes and materials of jump rings, and certainly not rubber O rings.

What are other UK crafters doing for supply? Is it a case of us having to resort to etsy, amazon and ebay (all pretty expensive), or importing supply from elsewhere (shipping costs!).


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Welcome to the site. :) While I'm not on your side of the pond one of the vendors that might be able to help you out is WraithMaille. Looks like they have a variety of colors and materials available from a quick perusal of their website.



Chainmaille and scalemaille supplies based in the UK

Slibby Fryer

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Hi, I currently don't have a website, as its down and under a complete reconstruction, but I supply high quality Stainless Steel and Titanum rings..
I can also get very high quality AA, BA and EDPM rubber rings in a variety of colours, I don't have a stock of these at the moment but I do sometimes have a small amount available. But I can order anything you need. Including ANY of the kits from Hyperlynks, as I am their UK Stockist.
Message me via Facebook,
Slibby Fryer
Or my Facebook page
Or failing that send me a message here 😊😊
I also stock Findings and crystal beads.
Or failing

Bead Me A Story

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I just wanted to mention that 2 things just happened. First, the UK left the EU. Then, The Bead Sisters closed. I have seen a large uptick in O-ring sales to the UK as I am a rubber O-ring supplier. I have the EPDM O-rings that I carry custom manufactured. I am only selling to the UK through Etsy right now as the taxes and tariffs and legal stuff got to be more than I was comfortable dealing with as a small business. I welcome you to visit BeadMeAStory on Etsy for your O-ring needs. I do recognize that the shipping fees are not ideal but I do have a fantastic selection of colors and sizes to offer you. Etsy is currently using an Export Processing company to make sure orders arrive during the pandemic which is also helpful.