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Weave Description
Medo-Persian was originally described as "One Hour Less Sleep Variant A". Base cells of this weave are made up of 2 terminated cells. Rotating each base cell by 90 degrees before connecting give you Gemini.

Naming Notes:
  • "1HLS B (One Hour Less Sleep Backwards) was originally described in a tutorial by Zlosk on MAIL as "One Hour Less Sleep Variant A" - February 9th, 2004.
  • "One Hour Less Sleep Forwards and Backwards" was submitted by Jessean to MAIL on December 9, 2006. This entry actually includes 2 different weaves, One Hour Less Sleep Forwards (which is synonymous with One Hour Less Sleep) and 1HLS B (which is synonymous with One Hour Less Sleep Variant A). This can be confirmed by looking at the tutorial linked in the entry for the weave, which is an exact copy of Zlosk's for "Variant A".
  • "Medo-Persian" was submitted to MAIL by Nárrína on May 25, 2009.
Medo-Persian is considered to be the primary name of this weave for a number of reasons:
  • Cellular Chainmaille Theory does not consider the cellular structure of 1HLS B to be a variant of that found in 1HLS.
  • 1HLS B is a stacked variant of what was an undescribed weave at the time of its submission.
  • Medo-Persian, while being the most recent description, was for an unmodified form of the weave as well as currently being most commonly known under this name.
Tutorial Available
  1. Yes
Maillesplosion Available
  1. Yes

Ring Information

Minimum AR(s)
Commonly Used AR(s)
4.0; 4.1
Maximum AR(s)
Single Ring Size
  1. Yes

Weave Classifications

Cell Types
  1. Terminated Cell
Weave Class
  1. Base
Related Weaves

Other Classifications

Weave Families
  1. European
  2. Persian
Weave Type
  1. Variant
  2. Chain
Weave Characteristics
  1. Helm
Advanced RIM Structures - Level 4
  1. European
  2. Japanese

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Laura Hepworth
Tome of Weaves

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