Who's Behind The Computer?


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Greetings! I am Carmen, a veteran of the jewelry world for over four decades. The art of chain mail captivates my imagination, and I constantly seek new knowledge. It is an honor to be part of this esteemed community and to offer assistance when necessary. My gratitude to all.


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Hello there,
I am an avid Mailler.
I have been doing this for 25 years, I started as my younger brothers helper, rolling rings and cutting them for him.

He started teaching me the basics and since then the rest is history.
I was put in touch with TRL as a supplier for my rings, then I found Metaldesignz on a trip with my family to Saskatchewan Canada and bought a pattern that day and have since bought more patterns from their website.

I live in Alberta Canada and am married with many kids (8). It's a blended family and is amazing.
My kids have all expressed an interest for the art of mailed, so I have taught them some basics.